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26 The 420 Bedlam Episode

Podcast 26

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26 The 420 Bedlam Episode

Welcome to Let’s Talk Hemp Special Episode with Honeysuckle Magazine, some great guests from NY, and an important upcoming #The422 episode announcement. This episode was recorded in collaboration with Honeysuckle Magazine on 4-20, 2019 at the Let’s Talk Hemp / Honeysuckle Cannabis meetup in New York City at Bedlam in the Lower East Side.

We interview live on stage, attorney David Feldman from Duane Morris, Matthew Evertsen, founder and creative director of Ronin, and real estate attorney Harlan Greenman of Greenspoon Marder LLP.

It was a pleasure hanging out and catching some conversation with these folks in the NY area who are working in the cannabis space, have plenty to say, and shared their time and knowledge. We talk about the state of the cannabis industry, the outlook for full federal legalization of cannabis, and about the power and impact of cannabis events.

In other news, this is what has just happened to me and my company. Our newswire that we’ve been sending press releases out on since February of 2015 has notified us that we can no longer send out press releases through their service and they are going through one by one and removing all of my press releases over the last 4 years. Because their credit card processing company has threatened to cancel their processing if they release content pertaining to marijuana, cannabis, hemp, cbd or related products. Here is their statement attached to the 40+ rejected press releases that I’ve got back in the last 3-4 days. They are going through my entire list over the last 4 years one by one and sending me rejection notices that state:

“Due to restrictions placed on ReleaseWire by our credit card processing provider, we are not able to allow press releases, company profiles or related content that discusses marijuana, cannabis, CBD, hemp and Related Products. If at such time we are able to solve this issue with our credit card processor, we will try to reactivate your press release. To learn more about this policy please visit our blog post.”

So, we have credit card processors threatening newswire agencies who are putting out press releases related to hemp and CBD which are federally legal. This is what we’re coming to folks. 1984 is here and we need to change this bullshit. We’ll be diving into this more in the coming month but in the meantime please go check out Hemp is Legal and join the movement to put an end to organizations, government agencies and banking institutions discriminating against a federally legal industry. We need everyone. We need an army. So please, come join us and free the plant and the industry from this continuous obstruction.

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Show Notes:

  • Where New York State stands on industrial, medical, and recreational cannabis
  • When cannabis will become federally legalized
  • Why cannabis events are so impactful
  • How the cannabis industry is dealing with a lack of banking resources

“It’s happening– it’s going to happen. The question is: what can you do now? That’s the question we’re struggling with, with a number of our clients.” – David Feldman on the complete federal legalization of cannabis

Also, be sure to check out Hemp Events to see all the cool events happening this summer and fall, and with that, we have Hemp On The Slope coming up on July 20th at Salt Creek Ranch. This is the 4th annual event and we look forward to another great day on the farm. Tickets on sale now at Hemp on the Slope.

A couple weeks after that on the weekend of Aug 2-4 we host the NoCo Hemp Village at Arise Festival which is a fantastic no-trace socially conscious event that has about 100 live bands, great food and vendors, and 10,000+ attendees.

Last but not least, for this show anyway, sponsor and exhibitor registration is now open for the 2nd annual Southern Hemp Expo taking place 25 minutes outside of Nashville in the city of Franklin on Sept 6-7. Tickets go on sale on July 1st and we are expecting a huge turnout for this event so please get tickets early. And make sure to buy them before you book your plane tickets and hotel reservations. Word to the wise… Always get your event tickets before plane tickets.

“When you get the right people into these rooms, the energy just magnifies and the movement is truly happening at this point.” – Morris Beegle on the impact of cannabis events

Links Mentioned:

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