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How We Respect Your Right to Privacy and Our Copyright Policies

If you followed this link, you care about privacy and/or intellectual property, and we’re glad because we do as well. To update or remove your user information from our databases, just email us at Privacy(at) Here’s how we run things at Let’s Talk Hemp:

Email Privacy Overview
If you signed up for our newsletter, you will get that bi-weekly or monthly. If you provided your email address for another reason, we will fulfill that request. You will also get occasional special announcements – for example, if we are running our annual industry survey, or a message we send on behalf of a sponsor. If at any time you wish to unsubscribe from our emails, it is quick and easy to do that via the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each message you receive, or by contacting us at Neither Let’s Talk Hemp nor this site’s publisher, Frontier Financial Group, Inc., will ever give a third party your email address. Your email address will be kept in databases which we have evaluated for security. Only authorized employees and our official vendors such as our email service provider, MailChimp, have access to it.

Emails for “Tell a Friend”
We do *not* collect or store any of the email addresses you type into our Tell a Friend widget. Your friend will receive a text-note about the page you are emailing them, and that is all. If they want any other email from us, they’ll have to sign up for themselves.

Site Activity Tracking & Cookies
We use analytics technology to measure and optimize our site’s performance. We may also serve cookies from our email service provider, which hosts our email opt-in offer. The purpose of these cookies is to avoid serving you with an opt-in offer repeatedly, because otherwise it would be annoying. Other cookies may be used in the future for tracking activity on the site in the aggregate.

Comment & User Generated Content Usage
If you use our forms to post comments, suggestions or to join the public conversation on this site, your email will not be publicly posted, but only used by our service and/or editorial staff if we have a question. Your submission itself may be moderated by our editorial staff prior to posting in the following ways: we will not change or edit the body of your posting, unless you include an external URL in the comment. We will remove third-party URLs from comments if they are promotional in nature. We will delete or refuse to publish a comment it if it appears to be on a completely unrelated topic, blatantly and wholly self-promotional, a duplicate posting, otherwise spammy in nature, or contains inappropriate language or content. You own the copyright and are wholly liable for the contents of your posting, however by posting the comment on our site you give us the rights to publish or republish it in any format we desire at any time we wish without contacting or compensating you.

Editorial Source Rights:

News & Materials Sent to Let’s Talk Hemp
When you send news or other materials to Let’s Talk Hemp in hopes that we may cite or blog about you, our editorial team assumes that you have the rights to share that information with the press for publication. We will honor any restrictions you may choose to place on the use of the information, including using information for background material only or limiting the data to our published newsletter only, provided those restrictions are clearly communicated at the time the information is provided to our editors. In the absence of such restrictions, we reserve the rights to publish, to create derivative works from, or otherwise use your submitted news and materials in any format we desire at any time we wish without contacting or compensating you.If the material has already been revealed in a public forum, such as a blog, article, webinar or speech, and it is not specifically copyright protected, this information is considered to be in the public domain and freely available for use by our editors in any format or situation they deem appropriate. While it is our policy to contact you for additional information and as a courtesy prior to reproducing any images contained therein before we add that information to our library of published content, we reserve the right to reuse the materials and images in any format, or in any derivative work we create, at any time, in the future without contacting or compensating you.

Fair Use & Copyright
You have the right to use any factual information – such as statistics – publicly available on this site or its related publications, PDFs, webinars, etc. You may also quote up to two sentences of text from any of these sources directly, including our posts and commentary, as long as you give proper citation showing the source to be Let’s Talk Hemp.

However, you may not use whole paragraphs or entire stories from our site or copy/reproduce any graphics – including but not limited to our own charts and our logo – without written permission from us. You may not produce derivative works based on our work or format. You can get this written permission by contacting us at with the details of what you’d like to reproduce and how it will be used.

Any company or individual who publishes unauthorized copyrighted content from our site is subject to $100 per day per article fine payable immediately upon receipt of invoice.

Any company or individual who publishes unauthorized copyrighted is subject to fines and will be held liable for copyright infringement, plagiarism and damages incurred by the unauthorized use of said copyrighted content, in addition to damages incurred by production, publishing and/or commercialization of any derivative works.

You may link to any publicly available piece of content on this site directly.

Updates to These Policies
These policies are subject to change without notice; however, it is our company policy to try to maintain your privacy at all times. By surfing this site and/or submitting any forms, story ideas, awards entries, profile upgrades, or emails, you are agreeing to our policies.

If you have any questions contact us (

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