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33 That’s a Fact…Jack!

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33 That’s a Fact…Jack!

In this episode, Dan Herer from Herer Hemp and the Jack Herer Foundation and Bruce Dietzen, the founder and president of Renew Sports Cars, join us to talk about what they call the Bible of Hemp. The book The Emperor Wears No Clothes was originally written by Jack Herer in 1985 and we are really looking forward sharing our chat with Dan and Bruce about the first e-edition release this year — as well as everything else going on with those guys, like Bruce’s cannabis car.

You’ll hear what is new in the 14th edition of The Emperor Wears no Clothes, how hemp can be used to reverse the greenhouse effect, and what Rick was doing in 1973.

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“We know that if we embrace this plant for paper, fiber and fuel that we can eliminate so many of the things that are just destroying the different aspects of this country” – Dan Herer

Show Notes:

  • What is new in the 14th edition of The Emperor Wears no Clothes
  • How the E-edition of The Emperor Wears no Clothes is increasing interactivity
  • How to unite the different factions of cannabis advocates
  • How hemp is used to reverse the greenhouse effect
  • How Bruce Dietzen is involved in the new edition of the Emperor Wears No Clothes
  • Patent issues with hemp cars
  • Domestic opportunities for hemp fiber
  • How hemp is helping mitigate the COVID-19 virus

“If about 15% to 16% of everything humanity makes today were made out of plant materials like hemp, it could be the number one way to mitigate climate crisis” – Bruce Dietzen

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“Hemp is not only fashionable and beautiful, but also practical and reasonable for a COVID pandemic.” – Rick Trojan

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