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Let's Talk Hemp

30 Year in Review 2019

2019 Year in Review on Let's Talk Hemp with Morris Beegle and Rick Trojan

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30 Year in Review 2019

Welcome to a very special episode of Let’s Talk Hemp where we take a good hard look back at all the crazy wonderful things we were a part of in 2019.

Last year was super busy for us. With all the hemp events we spoke at and participated in worldwide, we were able to visit six continents and meet so many fantastic people. From the Asian Hemp Summit in Kathmandu to Hemp on the Slope in Colorado, we had an absolute blast hanging out with like-minded folks from every corner of the globe.

Listen in to today’s episode, and hear about what was accomplished this year in the cannabis space, the many things Morris did for a month in China, Ralph and Dan’s best prank of 2019, plus much more!

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“We need to start talking more about fiber and grain because cannabinoids are great but we need to start diversifying the way people are growing this plant.” – Morris Beegle

Show Notes:

  • A look back at Hemp for Victory in Washington D.C.
  • What happened at the first annual Winter Hemp Summit
  • Morris and Rick’s experience at the Asian Hemp Summit in Kathmandu
  • Ralph and Dan’s best prank of 2019
  • What you can do during a three-hour layover in Dubai
  • Why Rick stopped in Ireland for a day before the Hemp CBD Expo in Birmingham
  • How Mike Weiss burned himself
  • What was accomplished at the HIA Strategic Planning Weekend
  • Who was part of the speaking lineup at NOCO 6
  • How successful was Earth X in Dallas with 177,000 participants
  • How Hemp on the Bayou came to exist
  • Will Hemp on the Bayou continue past 2019
  • What are the highlights from Jazz Fest 2019
  • Bloom and Botanicals grand opening
  • What is Flight to Mars
  • Is the Cannabis World Congress any good
  • What Morris did for a month in China
  • Why is Hemp on the Slope is Morris’ favorite hemp event in Colorado
  • Why this was the last year of the Arise Festival
  • What happens at the USA CBD Expo
  • What is the CHANCE initiative
  • How was the Hemp Harvest Party

“I think I cried because I literally hosted my own prank.” – Rick Trojan

Links Mentioned:

“It wasn’t the first time we had weird looks around the world and it probably won’t be the last time.” – Rick Trojan

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