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Let’s Talk Hemp Media builds, fosters and facilitates an unstoppable planet changing energy for the Hemp and Cannabis communities. Our approach related to all things hemp and cannabis aligns with industry initiatives and resonates with a mainstream business and consumer audience.

Let’s Talk Hemp Media is the producer of the largest hemp-centric events in the world, NoCo Hemp Expo and the Southern Hemp Expo. Since 2014, we have been at the forefront of news, education, advocacy, and producing events and content that have been instrumental in helping the legal hemp industry get to where it is today. Our multifaceted media platform now includes one of the most popular industry newsletters, podcasts and digital magazines in the world. Our advertising packages give you exposure to the largest and most qualified audience in the hemp industry.

We invite you to partner and collaborate with us as we continue to shine a light on the myriad of applications hemp provides society while at the same time providing marketing and brand awareness for your products and services.

When you partner with Let’s Talk Hemp Media you will boost visibility and exposure to both industry business opportunities and the general consumer marketplace.

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Let’s Talk Hemp

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