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29 Lorena Beltran – Cannabis in Mexico

Podcast 29

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29 Lorena Beltran – Cannabis in Mexico

In this episode, Lorena Beltran joins us to talk about everything cannabis-related happening south of the border.

You’ll hear how the legalization of cannabis in the USA has changed the lives of cannabis farmers in Mexico, how the USA and Mexico differ in their approaches to hemp regulation, and why Mexico will be one of the leading producers of industrial hemp.

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“Mexico is going to position itself as one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to industrial hemp.” – Lorena Beltran

Show Notes:

  • The legal state of cannabis in Mexico
  • How legalization in the USA has changed the lives of cannabis farmers in Mexico
  • How the USA’s approach to cannabis regulation differs from Mexico
  • Why Mexico will be one of the leading industrial hemp producers
  • The Mexican Cannabis Industry Association’s first priorities
  • Lorena’s upcoming projects

“The good thing about our new government is that they are going to legalize [cannabis] with the priority and the objective of ending violence, ending the black market, and of course ending the drug war.” – Lorena Beltran

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