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You’re Invited To Green Flower’s Free Online Cannabis Health Summit

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You’re Invited To Green Flower’s Free Online Cannabis Health Summit

Known as “The TED-talks of cannabis”, Green Flower’s Cannabis Health Summit is a 100% FREE online event featuring the world’s top experts you can watch live right from home. You’ll learn:

  • How cannabis interacts with your body through the endocannabinoid system
  • Why cannabis is booming among our aging population
  • What you need to know about CBD
  • How to use cannabis to treat your pets
  • How cannabis can help with illnesses like pain, cancer, PTSD, and more
  • Why cannabis for athletes is such a big deal
  • The science of why cannabis strains affect people differently
  • How to cook with cannabis and control your dose
  • And much more…

If you want the latest facts, science, and trusted information about using cannabis for health and wellness, take advantage of this opportunity to learn directly from the experts right from home.

Join an estimated tribe of over 75,000+ people from around the world for this incredible online event.

Register now 100% FREE Online Summit

“TED-Talks of Cannabis”

Right now, you can register FREE to watch Green Flower’s online Cannabis Health Summit featuring over 30+ of the world’s top cannabis experts doing 22-minute TED-style talks about today’s most important cannabis and health issues.

Live-streamed to a global audience in real time FOR FREE, you don’t want to miss this exciting new online event you can enjoy right from home from your computer or internet-connected device.

Register here to watch the Cannabis Health Summit FREE

Industry Leaders and Colorado Locals

This event will feature a range of guests spread across the industry spectrum. Sign up to hear from professional athletes like Eugene Monroe, Eben Britton and Bas Rutten talk on how to heal the body with cannabis. Be enlightened and entertained by best-selling author Gay Hendricks, learn from legendary grower Mel Frank, and get tips from M.D. David Bearman.  Hear about trials, tribulations, experiences and growth from renowned veterinarians, lawyers, cannabis chefs, entrepreneurs and farmers from across the country!

Colorado hemp-industry leaders such as Morris Beagle, Joel Stanley, Tim Gordon, Ari Sherman, Dahlia Mertens and teen activist Coltyn Turner will be participating in this years’ Cannabis Health Summit. Everyone is welcome to join in to learn the truth about the Green Industry.

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