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Veterans Helping Other Vets to Improve Quality of Life with the Power of Hemp

Warfighter Hemp Team at Southern Hemp Expo

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Veterans Helping Other Vets to Improve Quality of Life with the Power of Hemp

By Heather Collins

As the nation recognizes Veterans Day today, Steve Danyluk, Warfighter Hemp Founder and Lieutenant Colonel (ret.), United States Marine Corps Reserve (USMCR), wants to remind Americans that veterans need support every day.

“When you’re in the battlefield, fighting for your country, you have many eye-opening moments,” reflects Steve Danyluk, known to many as Luker. “When you return home from combat, what happens then is when the real struggle takes place. All you want is to feel normal again, away from the line of duty.”

That’s why Steve created Warfighter Hemp, a global organization and company dedicated to improving the quality of life for all veterans with non-addictive, non-intoxicating CBD products such as topicals, tinctures, and capsules. Warfighter Hemp consists of veterans and non-veterans alike, who are committed to assisting other vets hoping that they will become less reliant on prescription drugs, find greater purpose and live a life without the threat of suicide.

According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), data indicates that an average of 20 Veterans die by suicide each day, and that number is on the rise, with 5,787 suicide deaths in 2005 to 6,139 in 2017. Government officials also warn that suicide rates could be on the rise due to the pandemic, but it’s too close to tell. These statistics certainly alarms Steve and his team, which is why they are on a mission to help improve the quality of life and mental health for all vets.

A Pile of Pills vs. the Power of Hemp
“The number of meds that our vets receive is concerning, as the side effects indicate suicide! I witnessed a Marine who dumped out all of his prescriptions on a table during a retreat. He called out the laundry list of designations: some to reduce PTSD, while others were to help with anxiety and depression and relieve pain – you name it. They were causing him more harm than good,” says Steve. “That’s when he told me that cannabis and CBD were helping him and that he hadn’t taken any of the prescription opioids in the past six months and no longer felt like a zombie.”

Steve acknowledges that each person responds differently to prescription drugs and hemp products, but he kept the Marine’s comment in the back of his mind and on his radar. Through countless amounts of research on CBD and working with severely wounded veterans and their families, Steve was convinced of CBD’s ability to manage pain and help with mental health.

One Warfighter Hemp customer indicates the products have helped improve his quality of life. “I hurt my right shoulder during my time of service. I have been using Warfighter Hemp’s peppermint flavor, and it helps with my PTSD, anxiety, lower spinal injury, hips, and knee pain. This regimen works for me, and I appreciate Warfighter Hemp.”

For Steve, it’s not about the money nor competing with other brands. “It’s about making the highest quality product that is organic and high in potency to help our veterans thrive in today’s society,” adds Steve, “That’s why all registered Veterans can register for a permanent 50% discount on Warfighter Hemp’s products.”

Giving Back to What’s Next
This Veterans Day, Warfighter Hemp is offering a 55% discount on their entire line of products for both veterans and non-veteran customers. Giving back and helping others comes naturally for Steve, and since the company’s start in 2016, Warfighter Hemp has given more than $130,000 in donations.

The company also gives 10% of its profits back to other charities that support veterans’ independence, including more than 18 non-profits across the country and worldwide.

As the industrial hemp world continues to evolve, Steve says that Warfighter Hemp is staying on-trend and hopes to remain top of mind for veterans. “The hemp industry is taking a step in the craft and artisan direction, which is amazing to be a part of right now. Currently we’re looking at announcing a federally legal, hemp smokable product that I think will be a game-changer for veterans,” said Steve.

For more information on the organizations Warfighter Hemp donates to, visit or if you are a veteran, visit the company’s website to register for you 50% membership discount.

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Heather Collins is an Account Manager for Compass Natural Marketing and has been working in communications and marketing in the natural products industry for the past twenty years. Compass Natural serves in PR and programming for NoCo Hemp Expo and Southern Hemp Expo. Collins serves as a Contributing Writer of the weekly Let’s Talk Hemp Newsletter, published by We are for Better Alternatives. Contact

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