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THC-Limits for Hemp Hurt the Industry and the Environment

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THC-Limits for Hemp Hurt the Industry and the Environment

Hemp is arguably the most versatile plant on the planet. It is well documented that hemp can be used to make things like paper and rope, but hemp can also do so much more.

The hemp plant can be used to make fuel in the form of bio-diesel. It can also be used to make medicine. A team of scientists even built a super-capacitor out of hemp. A super-capacitor is an energy storage device, like a battery.

Hemp has been prohibited in the United States since 1937, but a 2014 Farm Bill provided for exceptions in states that have legalized hemp for research and/or pilot program purposes.

To date, 31 states have passed such laws according to the organization Vote Hemp. Hemp production has taken off in many states, with states like Kentucky nearly tripling production in 2017 (a total of 12,800 acres).

The spread of hemp reform has been paralleled by an increase in public awareness about the wellness benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), which is found in abundance in hemp plants.

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