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Ten Years After: A Space in Time – Recap of The 10th Annual NoCo Hemp Expo

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Ten Years After: A Space in Time – Recap of The 10th Annual NoCo Hemp Expo

The 10th Annual NoCo Hemp Expo has drawn its curtains, signaling yet another milestone for the burgeoning hemp sector. Set against the backdrop of Estes Park, Colorado, this year’s gathering served as a vibrant testament to the industry’s enduring strength and promise.

The journey of the NoCo Hemp Expo began humbly in 2014, born in the cozy confines of Ricky B’s bar located in Windsor, Colorado. From its modest origins, the expo grew, finding homes at various venues including the Ranch Events Complex in Loveland and the Crowne Plaza in Denver. Each year saw remarkable growth, culminating in the landmark 2019 show, which boasted over 10,000 attendees and a bustling expo hall.

However, the road hasn’t been without its challenges. The onset of the pandemic in 2020 disrupted plans for expansion, and subsequent years presented hurdles including the fluctuating fortunes of the CBD market alongside the rise of intoxicating hemp derivatives, and the uphill battle to establish a robust industrial hemp sector.

Yet, amidst these trials, NoCo Hemp Expo 2024 emerged as a beacon of optimism. The Let’s Talk Hemp Conference Series, featuring insightful discussions spanning policy, research, and industry trends, showcased the depth of expertise driving the current hemp renaissance. Meanwhile, the Innovate Earth Symposium provided a platform for groundbreaking ideas, initiatives and future opportunities. Explore the event’s standout moments in this year’s NoCo10 Digital Magazine, accessible HERE.

International participation from over 20 countries underscored the global significance of the event, along with a strong Native American and indigenous presence, with exhibitors and sponsors representing every link in the hemp supply chain. Notably, First Citizens Bank reaffirmed its commitment to the industry, offering unprecedented support for hemp and cannabis businesses.

Highlights of the expo included the 3rd Annual NoCo Hemp Pitch, where Hemp Traders captivated attendees with their innovative Green Decortication Technology, while Gordana Stevancevic of Steva Hemp unveiled the potential of 100% hemp textiles for upscale and boutique hotels. Additionally, the 3rd Annual WAFBA Awards of Excellence celebrated outstanding contributions to the industry.

Reflecting on the journey, Morris Beegle, producer of NoCo Hemp Expo and president of WAFBA, emphasized the need for sensible federal regulations to nurture industry growth and innovation. “The past several years have posed significant challenges, starting with the pandemic’s onset and exacerbated by the federal government’s regulatory ambiguity regarding CBD and hemp-derived cannabinoids. Add to that burdensome regulations imposed on farmers endeavoring to cultivate hemp fiber and grain, crops that deserve equitable treatment akin to any other commodity. Such circumstances deter participation in this budding industry. What we truly require are coherent federal regulations applicable universally, instead of disjointed state-level initiatives that render the industry vulnerable and unsupported.”

Looking ahead, WAFBA is thrilled to announce the dates for NoCo11 in 2025, scheduled for April 10-12 in Estes Park, Colorado. The picturesque location promises to provide the ideal backdrop for industry stakeholders to convene, collaborate, and propel the hemp industry into a bright future.

NoCo Hemp Expo is A Space in Time for people who would Love to Change the World

About NoCo Hemp Expo

The NoCo Hemp Expo is the leading event for the hemp industry, bringing together enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and advocates to explore the endless possibilities of hemp. With a decade of successful events, the NoCo Hemp Expo continues to drive innovation, promote sustainability, and shape the future of the hemp industry.

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