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Cañamo Magazine, ALCANN and WAFBA/NoCo Hemp Expo are Teaming Up

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Cañamo Magazine, ALCANN and WAFBA/NoCo Hemp Expo are Teaming Up


Cañamo Magazine, ALCANN and WAFBA/NoCo Hemp Expo are Teaming Up to Create the World’s Preeminent Hemp Expo in Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico (January 12, 2022) – Cañameria Global, S.L., Alianza Latinoamericana de la Cannabis (“ALCANN”), and WAFBA, LLC/Colorado Hemp Company (“WAFBA”), today announced they are teaming up together to create the preeminent, worldwide hemp trade expo in Mexico.  The expo is expected to be titled “Experience Hemp Mexico” an expo and conference focused on hemp, both in products and medicines produced for human or animal consumption, and industrial hemp for building, automobiles and countless other uses.  This first annual expo will be scheduled for fall/winter this year.

Cañameria Global, S.L. (“Cañamo”) is a Spanish company and the worldwide publisher of Cañamo Magazine, the leading hemp and cannabis focused publication in Mexico, Spain and several other important Spanish speaking countries.  It was recently acquired by Innerbloom Holdings, SAPI de CV, a Mexican distributor of hemp products.  Cañamo sponsors ExpoWeed Mexico, ExpoWeed Chile, & Encuentro Cannabico, which are the most important annual hemp and cannabis trade events in Mexico and Latin America.

ALCANN is the largest hemp and cannabis advocacy group in Mexico.  It has played a critical role in Mexico’s recent legalization of cannabis and continues to participate in advocating and structuring Mexican laws related to hemp and cannabis.

WAFBA is a United States company which is the producer of the NOCO Hemp Expo and the Southern Hemp Expo.  These shows are simply “must attend” events for those involved in the global hemp industry.  WAFBA also is the publisher of Let’s Talk Hemp, a prominent media and education platform founded in 2015 serving the North American and global hemp markets.

This effort represents WAFBA’s entrance into the new and evolving Mexican hemp market. Mexico is expected to play an important role in the worldwide hemp market through a combination of factors, including its fantastic agricultural capabilities, low cost of production and a large number of automobile and other manufacturers that call Mexico home.  By combining their respective rolodexes and expertise in creating and running expos, Cañamo and WAFBA expect the new Experience Hemp Expo to quickly become a world leader.

In addition to the strategic event partnership between Cañameria Global and WAFBA, a collaborative media alliance between Cañamo Magazine and Let’s Talk Hemp has been defined to bring more hemp-specific content into the Latin American marketplace.

“We are so excited to make our entrance into Mexico with this new, annual show.  We believe Mexico will play an important part in the future of hemp, so hosting this show is a natural progression for us.  Colorado Hemp Company is also planning to produce Tree Free Hemp paper in Mexico” said Beegle.  He added, “Mexico legalized cannabis for use in medicines and industrial applications in 2021. This is a process, and there is much learning that needs to take place in Mexico regarding, for example, the simple difference between hemp and cannabis.  Over the next few years, that difference will become clear.  From that, folks will see Mexico’s potential power in this industry.  They are great at farming and agriculture to grow different crops for different uses, and hemp will rotate into the mix quite well.  They will be able to grow environmentally friendly building materials for constructing houses, hotels and other commercial structures.  They have large manufacturers operating within the country to take advantage of their lower costs of labor and production.  The Experience Hemp Expo will do a number of important things for Mexico and the world hemp market.  From helping folks understand issues, to exposing them to new industry opportunities, to helping them make the connections they need to survive and thrive in the industry, Experience Hemp Expo will play an integral role in defining this industry for years to come.  We are thrilled to be working with Cañamo and ALCANN on this expo.”

Ralph Schulke, of Cañamo and ALCANN, said “This is a great forward step in the development of Mexico’s cannabis and hemp industries.  We’ve been working on legalization of cannabis in Mexico for a number of years now, and to have that come to initial fruition in 2021 was great.  There is still a tremendous amount of work to be done before the hemp and cannabis industries are fully formed and operating in Mexico.  Right now, most people in Mexico don’t fully understand the difference between hemp and cannabis.  But Experience Hemp Expo should help instill that and a whole lot more in them.  To partner with WAFBA/Colorado Hemp Company on this is great.  The NOCO Hemp Expo they run is a fantastic event.  To combine their expo experience with ours to create Experience Hemp Expo is awesome.  The Expo will be held in a beautiful location in Yucatan, Mexico, and the presentations and flow of information there will be awesome.  Welcome to Mexico, WAFBA/Colorado Hemp Company!”

More information regarding Experience Hemp Expo and additional strategic partners will be published as we get closer to the event.

About Cañameria Global
Canamaria Global is a Spanish company that publishes Cañamo Magazine.  Cañamo Magazine is the premier Spanish language magazine focused on the cannabis industry. It was recently acquired by Innerbloom Holdings in Mexico.  The new owners plan to keep the magazine “as is” except for a few changes, including having a section of Cañamo Magazine or a separate magazine focused solely on industrial hemp.

Alianza Latinoamericana de la Cannabis (ALCANN) is a Mexican-based, non-profit advocacy group which focuses on hemp and cannabis.  It is a national organization that seeks fair and inclusive access to cannabis.  ALCANN has played a significant role in the creation of legislation for legalizing cannabis in 2021, and continues to promote and guide additional legislation in the area.

About WAFBA and Colorado Hemp Company
We Are For Better Alternatives (WAFBA) is committed to researching and developing better alternatives so that hemp can once again thrive, prosper, and help individuals and communities throughout America and around the globe. The Colorado Hemp Company, the producer of the annual Southern Hemp Expo, is a leading organization for the advancement and advocacy of hemp farming, processing, production, innovation, education, and legalization in the USA. The entire team is committed to researching and developing alternatives so that hemp can once again thrive and help individuals and communities throughout America and around the globe.

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