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34 Regenerative + Boutique = Opportunity

Regenerative Boutique equals Opportunity

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34 Regenerative + Boutique = Opportunity

In this episode, Morris & Rick visit with Dionne Holmquist & Shane Davis, from Hemp Spirit Extracts & Slow Hemp, about cultivating boutique hemp regeneratively. They also discuss the plight of native tribes and small farmers, and their Slow Hemp methodology.

We then jump across the pond to speak with Kehrt Reyher, of Hemp Today fame, about the history of his hemp vision, the incredible Naklow Palace, state of European regulations and the Nepalese Karaoke prank played on Rick during Asian Hemp Summit 2019.

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“What’s organically happening with Hemp Spirit Extracts and Slow Hemp is really about localizing the economy.” – Dionne Holmquist

Show Notes:

  • CBD regulation in the NFL
  • How many days it takes to grow a hemp tree
  • Who is Richard Perry
  • Hemp Spirit Extracts mission statement
  • What is conscious capitalism
  • How Hemp Spirit Extracts helps the native tribes they work with
  • What is Slow Hemp
  • How COVID-19 will impact Hemp Spirit Extract’s work
  • What happens at the Naklo Palace
  • What is the current state of hemp-based foods in Europe

“One of the primary things we do is to journey back to nature.” – Shane Davis

Links Mentioned:

Tree Free Hemp
Herring Bank
Soma Artist Organics

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