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Ready to Wear: Hemp, Fashion and Climate Change

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Ready to Wear: Hemp, Fashion and Climate Change

By Hemp Magazine

We’re killing our planet. That shouldn’t really be news to anyone now. Unless you choose to utterly reject science and bury your head up your… well… in the sand, that’s a current reality, not a future projection.

Whether it’s climate change, environmental degradation, or simple resource exhaustion, we’ve been hearing for decades that our current models of production and consumption as humans have to be modified. If you’re brave enough to frequent the news these days and push past hyper-partisan debates, you’ve probably noticed that study after study from the U.N.the U.S. government, and nonprofits are ringing the town bells, begging the public to understand and care.

Visualize the causes of this situation, and what do you see? Deforestation in the Amazon, billowing smoke clouds from coal-fired power plants, the Pacific’s plastic soup? What we wear doesn’t pop up in the mind so quickly. But, our clothes — and how they’re produced — play a significant role in adding to the planet’s problems.

Is Hemp the Solution We’ve Been Waiting for?

Photo: California-based Vital Hemp produces hemp fashion that looks and feels good, and is good for people and the planet.”

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