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NoCo Hemp Village at Arise Festival promotes “thriveability”

NoCo Hemp Village

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NoCo Hemp Village at Arise Festival promotes “thriveability”

One of the fastest growing next-gen Festivals in the country, Arise is not only about Music. Programming includes workshops with thought leaders,environmental activists, and even planting a tree for each ticket sold. The addition of the NoCo Hemp Village this year brings with it the potential of bio-degradable plastics, tree-free paper and life changing medicines. The Hemp Industry in the United States is tenuous and still federally illegal; in spite of this, Colorado leads the country in farming and production.

#NoCoHempVillage will offer Hemp merchandise from body products to clothing, CBD oils and tinctures, art with Hemp Paper and a series of roundtable discussions. Environmental and economic activists will join farmers and entrepreneurs to talk about public policy, medicine, farming and the economics of Industrial Hemp – a true showcase of what is labeled the ‘new’ Industrial Revolution; one of mindful development, sustainability, and wellness. Let us all grow vigorously together and thrive in a world where a plant might actually be the answer.


Check out the Arise Festival here –

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