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Newsletter – June 5, 2020



Newsletter – June 5, 2020

Feature Article

Big Ideas Set to Take Off: Industrial Hemp Entrepreneurs Discover Seeds of Innovation as Technology Advances Industry

By Heather Collins

Nebraska-based farmer and agricultural leader Andrew Bish’s big idea to grow hemp started way before he even put seeds in the ground. Bish, a third-generation midwestern grain farmer, recalls he was working in a sorghum field near the Kansas-Colorado border when he realized that hemp was more sustainable and viable than other grains.

Andrew now works with his family’s company, Bish Enterprises, which has been serving the heartland community of Giltner, Nebraska, for 40+ years. Bish Enterprises has been recognized as one of the first innovators to specialize in hemp farming equipment. Today, Andrew Bish is a notable industry expert and combines his passion for hemp farming with innovative technologies and practices that are driving the industrial hemp market.

Hemp activist and legal advocate Joy Beckerman, from Hempace International, remembers her a-ha hemp moment when she was at a Grateful Dead concert in the 90s. “I was handed a hemp pamphlet and knew immediately that I had to learn more about the many facets of hemp,” said Beckerman. “As soon as I realized it’s potential, I discovered one aspect after another. Ultimately, that educational journey led me to where I am today – working and helping others thrive in the industrial hemp industry.”

Bish Enterprises

Many new innovations are emerging that will drive the industrial hemp market in the future, and many are available today that producers can take advantage of in terms of farm and harvesting machinery, drone and data collection technology, extraction and processing equipment, analytics and testing, product development, packaging and more. Register for free for the Experience Hemp SUMMER SOLSTICE Virtual Conference and Trade Show, June 16-19, 2020, to learn more.



Pro-GMO Consumer Brands Association Forms Board to Oversee CBD Regulation; Industry Is Suspect as Motives Are Unclear
By New Hope Network

US Hemp Roundtable Asserts Industry’s Eligibility for USDA Coronavirus Program
By Hemp Grower

DEA Granted Sweeping Authority to Conduct Covert Investigations, Surveillance on People Protesting George Floyd’s Death
By L.A. Cannabis News

Rodale Institute Releases Power of the Plate: The Case for Regenerative Organic Agriculture in Improving Human Health
By Rodale Institute

White House Reviewing CBD and Marijuana Guidance from FDA
By Marijuana Moment

FDA Continues to Issue Warning Letters to CBD Marketers
By Nutraingredients-USA


Forget CBD, Hemp Is Good Nutrition
By New Hope Network

Hemp Appears in Reef-Safe Sunscreen
By Pretty Hot Mess

Covid-19 Restrictions, U.S. Unrest Impacts Ecofibre’s Ananda Hemp Brand
By Top Shelf News

Natural Products Entrepreneurs Pivot to Ensure Supply Chain Consistency During Coronavirus Crisis
By New Hope Network

Publicly Held RMMI Corp. Announces Strategic Shift into Hemp Processing, CBD Extraction
By Yahoo Finance


Video Moment: Unexpected Uses of Hemp Give Hope for the Planet
By Our Planet

Hemp Makes Great Biodegradable Plastic
By Terpene TLV

Reflective Hemp Running and Biking Vest Keeps Athletes Safe


HGH Seed Introduces High CBG Strain
By Seed World

USDA Approves Hemp Plans For U.S. Virgin Islands And Four Native American Tribes
By Marijuana Moment

More than 150 Kentucky Hemp Farmers Sit Out 2020 Season; Many Still Trying to Sell 2019 Crop
By Hemp Grower

Vermont Agency of Agriculture Finalizes Hemp Rules
By Burlington Free Press


UK-based World Highlife Plc Expands CBD Sales Through Love Hemp Ltd. Acquisition
By Globe Newswire

Japanese Company Reportedly Creates Orange Peel-Derived CBD
By Ganjapreneur

Belize’s Prime Minister Cheers for Hemp, Other New Industries
By Breaking Belize News


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Podcast – Hemp for Our Future: Hemp Helps America

Episode 36 of the Let’s Talk Hemp Podcast takes a look at how three amazing hemp leaders are bringing the industry together in an effort to help combat some of the issues resulting from pandemic pandemonium. Hemp for Our Future was the brain-child of Courtney Moran and Shawn Hauser, who brought in Annie Rouse and Friends of Hemp to organize and execute an ongoing campaign to gather supplies and help utilize hemp products to help America fight the war on COVID. In addition, Rick speaks with Kyla DuMont, the Vermont transplant to Los Angeles, that finds her path taking her back home as a result of the COVID economic relocation program. She describes the current state of the State of California, how she came up with the idea of MediMaple, combining cannabinoids with maple syrup, and how many folks didn’t realize maple came from a tree!


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