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Newsletter – July 2, 2020

Lets Talk Hemp Newsletter


Newsletter – July 2, 2020

Feature Article

All One: An Exclusive Interview with David Bronner

By Jaime Lubin and Ronit Pinto

David Bronner is a man on a mission to distill the global experience into its purest essence: Love. As CEO of Dr. Bronner’s Magical Soaps, he is also completely re-engineering the idea of corporate social responsibility through his grandfather’s progressive vision “We Are All-One or None.”

“All-One,” or “unity experience” as David will sometimes call it, is the concept that everyone must recognize the interconnectivity of living things everywhere and work together for social, environmental, and economic responsibility. In his case, “CEO” stands for Cosmic Energy Officer, and with good reason, as a major part of this initiative is integrating psychedelic medicine with holistic healing regimens, regenerative agriculture, and spiritual understanding.

“I really resonate to the All-One philosophy,” David explains. “What does it mean at a quantum level that my body is one with the world? There’s not a difference between the world and me… [In the world unity experience], your ego self dissolves and you experience a much bigger self that you’re part of, a bigger reality process… There’s something way bigger than our individual lives going on. And when we can connect with that, that’s incredibly powerful.

For the Western psyche, at this point where we’re just so media-saturated and so disconnected from nature, these medicines are coming in at a crucial time. And cannabis of course is one of the most crucial allies, [helping us understand] the responsibilities that we have to consume correctly and consciously that’s in balance with the larger earth and the animals and plants that feed us.”

Full article here

A version of this exclusive interview with David Bronner, CEO of Dr. Bronner’s Magical Soaps, appears in the June 2020 Let’s Talk Hemp Summer Solstice Digital Magazine.



Authorities Grapple with New Hemp Law Enforcement, by Robert Hoban
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Colorado Gov. Polis Signs Bill Aligning State’s Hemp Laws with Federal Regulations
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Hemp Processor Relocates from California to Kentucky; Opens $9 Million Plant
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CBD and Pet Products: The FDA Regulations You Need to Know
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Hemp and the Entourage Effect: Interview with Dr. Ethan Russo (Podcast)
By Hemp Evolution

CBD and THC Aren’t the Half of It: Exploring Hemp’s Minor Cannabinoids (Podcast)
By Natural Products Insider

Five Companies Innovating in the “endocannabinoid system” Trend
By New Hope Network

Hemp-infused Kombucha Hits the Shelf
By BevNet

CBD and Pet Products: The FDA Regulations You Need to Know
By Cannabis Law Journal


Sustainable Hemp Farming: Promoting Regenerative Agriculture in Hemp
By Ministry of Hemp

Hemp Farmers Concerned about Oversupply Due to Shortage of Processors
By WBIR-10 NBC News, Knoxville, TN

Feature Article: U.S. Hemp Farming’s History Stands on the Shoulders of Slave Labor
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European Hemp Companies Are Sharing the Costs of Bringing Cannabinoid-Infused Food Products to Market
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Hemp Trading’s CBG Seed Variety Approved for Canadian Market
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Uruguay Sets a Roadmap for Hemp Sector Development
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French Company Offers 100% Natural, Biodegradable Hemp Mulch Fabric for Weed Suppression
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Henry’s Hempharvester, Designed for Small Farms, Wins EIHA Hemp Product of the Year 2020
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Virtual Tour & Talk of the First Hempcrete Home in Massachusetts, Hosted by Hempstone LLC, July 8, 2020, 11:00 am – Noon EDT

Penn State Extension Hemp Webinar Series: Strategies for Partnering with Others, July 27, 2020, Noon – 1:00 pm EDT

Hemp Industry Deep Dive Virtual Global Tour, by Cannatech, Aug. 4, 2020, 12:00pm EDT

NoCo Hemp Expo – NoCo7, March 25-27, 2021, National Western Complex, Denver, CO

Read the Let’s Talk Hemp Summer Solstice 2020 Digital Magazine

The hemp industry proves that, even in a world beset by pandemics and racial injustice, human and planetary healing can and will triumph. Read all about it in the Let’s Talk Hemp Summer Solstice 2020 Digital Magazine, produced in conjunction with the Experience Hemp Summer Solstice Virtual Conference & Trade ShowLet’s Talk Hemp Media, and NoCo Hemp Expo, in partnership with Honeysuckle Magazine.

Featuring testimony from industry experts across diverse disciplines, Let’s Talk Hemp’s Summer Solstice edition dives into the pressing questions of the day. What is the future of hemp in a post-COVID world? What does Black representation in hemp look like, and how can we create opportunities for social equity? How can we take the next steps toward a regenerative society and integrative medicine? The answers may surprise you.

Read the Let’s Talk Hemp Summer Solstice 2020 Digital Magazine Here.

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The Cannabis Investing Podcast
It’s All Cannabis with Special Guest Morris Beegle

Morris Beegle, a veteran of the music entertainment industry, is the co-founder and president of the WAFBA (We Are For Better Alternatives) family of brands, including the NoCo Hemp Expo, the world’s most comprehensive hemp-centric conference and exposition. WAFBA also includes Silver Mountain Hemp Guitars, a manufacturer of boutique hemp guitars cabinets and components, Tree Free Hemp, a hemp paper and printing company, Let’s Talk Hemp, a comprehensive digital media platform, and several others.

Morris is a leading cannabis/hemp advocate and entrepreneur and is involved in numerous projects outside of WAFBA, including serving as the music and production director for Realities Ride, the largest annual poker run event and kids-at-risk fundraiser. He also holds advisory positions at the Hemp Business Journal,, Hempstead Project H.E.A.R.T., and PureHemp Technology.

In this edition of The Cannabis Investing Podcast, Morris discusses the shift from industrial hemp to cannabinoid hemp and why the investment play is on the fiber and grain side.


About Colorado Hemp Company
The Colorado Hemp Company, the producer of the 7th Annual NoCo Hemp Expo (NoCo7), is a leading organization for the advancement and advocacy of hemp farming, processing, production, innovation, education, and legalization in the USA. The entire team is committed to researching and developing alternatives so that hemp can once again thrive and help individuals and communities throughout America and around the globe. The 7th Annual NoCo Hemp Expo will take place August 6-8, 2020, at the National Western Complex in Denver, CO.

Steven Hoffman, Compass Natural, 303.807.1042,
Morris Beegle, Colorado Hemp Company, 970.541.0448,

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