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Newsletter – December 23, 2020

Let's Talk Hemp Newsletter


Newsletter – December 23, 2020

Sowing the Seeds of Success with Hemp: A Conversation with New West Genetics President and CEO Wendy Mosher

By Heather Collins 

Well before the hemp planting season, the team at New West Genetics, a global leader in hemp seed genetics, is usually out in the field talking to farmers about the past year’s harvest, and discussing ways to make next year’s yield more prosperous.

“Our farmer’s challenges are our challenges,” says Wendy Mosher, President and CEO, New West Genetics. “We want to get to the root of those and understand how we can help them for the next growing season. It’s all about building the knowledge for positive results later.”

Fort Collins-based New West Genetics uses genomic technology, a scientific approach that enhances the hemp seed that increases yields while decreasing costs. According to Mosher, “New West is revolutionizing the hemp industry by creating the most reliable proprietary hemp seed through breeding and genetics. We identify complex traits at the gene level, which helps accelerate breeding and pinpoint traits to improve the seed.”

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Wendy Mosher

FTC’s Operation CBDeceit Brings Action Against CBD Companies

By Asa Waldstein, Chair, American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) Cannabis Committee

It should come as no surprise to read of today’s FTC crackdown on CBD companies making deceptive claims. Of the 3000+ CBD companies the FTC chose six to make a clear statement that ongoing noncompliance can be costly.

So Why Did They Choose These Six? What Happened?
An FTC official once told me their enforcement actions are a shot across the bow as a warning to the entire industry. This is a clear Marketer Beware Signal as hundreds of CBD companies are still making similar claims.

The FDA or FTC look at the 10,000-foot view of an entire website and socials. One claim may not attract a letter or enforcement action, but a disease claim in a video, a claim hashtag on socials, and a testimonial claim can elevate your risk. The authorities piece them all together for one big picture of non-compliance. They like to make examples out of companies not following rules, especially in areas they want to highlight which is what we saw today. Lately they have been focusing on COVID, Alzheimer’s, opiate reduction claims, social media posts, and claims made on videos to name a few.

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Asa Waldtsein
Happy holidays from WAFBA

Hemp News Spotlight

Poll Reveals Cannabis Gifting Is 2020 Holiday Season’s Hottest Consumer Trend
By Glass House Group

Look for Cannabis Industry Mergers and Acquisitions to Take Off in 2021
By New Cannabis Ventures

Bob Hoban: Sen. Rand Paul’s Bill Would Ease Constraints on the Hemp Industry
By Forbes

Only Knowledge and Facts Will Sway FDA on CBD
By HempToday

DEA Faces Lawsuit From Scientists Looking to Study Cannabis
By High Times

Plant-based Hemp Bio-Leather Featured among Materials Changing the Way We Live
By Medium

Natural Building: Hemp Block Walls Provide Both Thermal and Sound Insulation
By IsoHemp

Health Benefits of Hemp Hearts Highlighted in Shape Magazine
By Shape Magazine

New Bread Mix Brings Hemp into Home Baking
By Baking Business

Hemp for Kids? Yep, That’s a Thing
By Blue Sky Hemp Ventures

California Horse Racing Board Warns Trainers Not to Use CBD on Racehorses
By Thoroughbred Daily News

Hemp Seed Has Promising Future as Livestock Feed
By Lancaster Farming

Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky Hemp Farmers Organize to Form Heartland Hemp Cooperative
By Indiana Prairie Farmer

Interest in Hemp Fiber Rising as Farmers Look to 2021
By Hemp Grower


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Midwest iHemp Expo, January 22-23, 2021, Presented by iHemp Michigan

Asian Hemp Summit, Presented by HempToday, January 29-31, 2021, Park Village Resort, Kathmandu, Nepal

Industrial Hemp Summit, Danville, VA, Feb. 22-23, 2021

NoCo Hemp Expo – NoCo7, March 25-27, 2021, National Western Complex, Denver, CO

Southern Hemp Expo, Aug. 20-21, 2021, Nashville, TN

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Submit Public Comment for the Newest Draft of the U.S. Hemp Authority Standard (Version 3.0)
The deadline for submission of comments is December 31st. Go to our website and click on the banner at the top (there is a button that says review), and follow the directions on page one. There is a link to a form we are using to collect the public feedback.

Help Urge Support for H.R. 8179, The Hemp and Hemp-derived CBD Consumer Protection and Market Stabilization Act of 2020, U.S. Hemp Roundtable Action Alert
Hemp Supporters, there’s never been a more urgent opportunity to support CBD on Capitol Hill. If passed, H.R. 8179 would ensure that hemp-derived CBD, and other non-intoxicating hemp ingredients, could be lawfully marketed as dietary supplements.

Comment on New York State’s Draft Hemp and CBD Regulations
The New York State Department of Health (DOH) is accepting public comments on draft hemp and CBD regulations covering manufacturing, licensing, labeling, testing and inspections for processing and selling hemp extracts of cannabinoids and terpenes, including CBD. The DOH will accept public comments on the new regulations from Nov. 10, 2020 to Jan. 11, 2021 – meaning they could take effect as soon as the first quarter of next year. To comment, email, call 518-473-7488 or visit here for more information.

Complete the NIHC and HIA National Hemp Checkoff Survey
Please take a look at the attached survey, providing education on programs to research hemp, educate about him and promote hemp products nationally and internationally. The potential for a “Hemp Check-off Program” relies on bringing together the industry if there’s enough interest in these programs. Please take 2 minutes and complete the following survey, letting us know if your organization is interested in exploring check-off programs to benefit the hemp economy.

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