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Is Hemp the Solution to Plastic Microfiber Pollution?


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Is Hemp the Solution to Plastic Microfiber Pollution?

September 12, 2019

Is Hemp the Solution to Plastic Microfiber Pollution?

By Jessica Lesesky, President of Operations, eHemp

Search for microplastics and you’ll find that clothing made from synthetic and petroleum-based fibers release hundred of thousands of microfibers into the environment in a few ways. More and more research is finding that our clothing is actually a major cause of pollution. The good news is that clothing made from natural fibers like hemp can help! Hemp fiber can be used to make clothing that is sustainable, easy on the environment, and does not release hundreds of thousands of microfibers when doing laundry. Not to mention the growing and manufacturing of natural fibers are also much more environmentally friendly!

Each time we do a load of laundry, our clothes are literally shedding approximately 700,000 microfiber plastics. Microplastic fibers are so small, they aren’t caught in our filters or by waste management and eventually, they end up in our oceans and other bodies of water.

A few of things microplastics have been found in include, fish, honey, and beer. Publications like the Wall Street JournalVoxCNN, and Vogue are helping bring awareness to this issue and the fashion industry’s responsibility to reduce this form of pollution.

Clothing made from natural fibers like hemp, don’t shed polluting synthetic fibers. The environmental impact of hemp is also better for when a hemp t-shirt ends up in a landfill. The amount of time it takes for the shirt to degrade is exponentially shorter than a shirt made from synthetics. Not to mention, what it degrades into is far more environmentally friendly than clothes made from synthetics.


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