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Introducing the NoCo Hemp Expo HempWall!

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Introducing the NoCo Hemp Expo HempWall!

Introducing the NoCo Hemp Expo HempWall!

By: Rachel Jackson

2016 has been a monumental year for hemp, and especially big for the NoCo Hemp Expo! As the largest, smartest hemp expo in the country, we want to connect our message with people in every way we can. That’s why this year the NoCo Hemp Expo is unveiling a brand new interactive social media platform, the Tweetwall!

Affectionately dubbed the HempWall, think of it as your interactive information stand. Throughout the Expo, we’ll be broadcasting the next big event, speaker, or panel happening up on screens all over the Expo!  So when you are looking for the next hempcentric activity, look no further than the HempWall! You’ll be totally connected to everything happening around you, so you’ll want to check back frequently to make sure you’re not missing a thing.

But that’s not the whole reason we’re doing this. This is the 3rd year of the NoCo Hemp Expo, and we never would have gotten here if not for the loving support of all our attendees and volunteers. Without you we never would have gotten to be the biggest, baddest hemp expo in the country, and this year we want the spotlight to be on you! So we want to see YOU while you’re sampling, cooking, painting, jamming or just having fun at the #nocohempexpo! And we’re doing that through the magic of our HempWall.

It’s pretty simple. Log in to your Twitter account, follow @NoCoHemp, and simply tag your photo, thought, or friends with the hashtag #nocohempexpo. It will automatically pop up on the HempWall, which is being projected up on screens all over the Expo! So when you snap a selfie with Ben Franklin, or find your new favorite hemp snack, put it on Twitter and hashtag #nocohempexpo, so everyone can see! Maybe you’ll even see someone you know.

Nowhere near a Hempwall screen? Check your pocket. The Tweetwall also works on your mobile phone, if you pull up the website on your smartphone you’ve got the #nocohempexpo right in your hand. Send the link to your friend who couldn’t make it, and they can watch the #nocohempexpo livestream in front of their eyes. It’s almost as much fun as being there (almost.)

You can check out the HempWall in action over at Get those Twittering fingers ready, and we can’t wait to see you April 1st and 2nd!

Another great reason to check out the wall? We’re also going to be livetweeting the event! Think of it like your interactive information stand, we’ll keep you updated on speakers, panelists, workshops and more! You’ll want to check back to the screens frequently so you don’t miss a thing, and really get the whole expo experience!





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