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Hemp Industry 2021 Opportunities Report Helps Set Roadmap for the Year

Hemp Opportunities Report

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Hemp Industry 2021 Opportunities Report Helps Set Roadmap for the Year

As the new year gains traction with recent developments in Congress, along with groundbreaking rulings in the EU and the United Nations, 2021 holds promise for those who continue to dedicate themselves to hemp agriculture, product innovation, and advancing the market for all things hemp.

Staying informed is key, which is why Let’s Talk Hemp Media is proud to present the ‘Hemp Industry 2021 Opportunities Report,’ a synopsis of the key topics and trends affecting the industry, as well as information to help guide the road ahead.

Learn more about new technologies and innovations within the hemp supply chain; take a deep dive into regulatory issues and legislation affecting the industry, plus discover the rise of North American hemp processors.

Visit the Winter Hemp Summit website and register to download a copy of the Let’s Talk Hemp Media Sponsored ‘Hemp Industry 2021 Opportunities Report’ for $49 (a $149 value).

Registration allows access to exclusive content featured during the Winter Hemp Summit, NoCo Hemp Expo archive footage, Keynote Speakers, and more. The report is only available for a limited time through January 31, 2021. For more information, visit

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