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36 Hemp for Our Future – Hemp Helps America

Hemp for our Future

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36 Hemp for Our Future – Hemp Helps America

This episode takes a look at how three amazing hemp leaders bring the industry together in an effort to help combat some of the issues resulting from pandemic pandemonium. Hemp for Our Future was the brain-child of Courtney Moran and Shawn Hauser, who brought in Annie Rouse and Friends of Hemp to organize and execute an ongoing campaign to gather supplies and help utilize hemp products to help America fight the war on COVID.

From delivering cannabinoids to front line healthcare workers in New England to the donation of hundreds of clothes from companies like Colorado Hemp Company, this campaign has dozens of hemp companies supporting it on a nationwide scale. Go to Hemp For Our Future to see the video, learn how you can donate and support this worthwhile cause.

Rick speaks with Kyla DuMont, the Vermont transplant to Los Angeles, that finds her path taking her home as a result of the COVID economic relocation program – essentially leaving L.A. for Vermont to maintain employment consulting for companies in the cannabis space focusing in hemp. She describes the current state of the State of California, how she came up with the idea of MediMaple, combining cannabinoids with maple syrup, and how many folks didn’t realize maple came from a tree! We discuss that as one of her passions, bringing together healthy, high-grade Vermont syrup with healthy cannabinoids — and trying to expand to CBG so law enforcement and healthcare workers can use it for endocannabinoid issues.

“I think hemp is really going into a great direction, where it’s going into textiles and people finally are learning that we don’t need different materials, that we have hemp and we can build houses, we can make paper, we can make all kinds of products and packaging.” – Kyla DuMont

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“And I think for a long time to come there will be opportunities for hemp to be the most appropriate suitable material for a number of reasons.” – Shawn Hauser

Show Notes:

  • How hemp can help during the pandemic
  • What Hemp For Our Future is
  • How Hemp For Our Future got started
  • Parallels between the Hemp For Victory campaign and Hemp For Our Future
  • The purpose of the Hemp For Victory campaign
  • Biden’s stance on hemp
  • Trump’s stance on hemp
  • How Trump legalizing cannabis would impact the presidential election
  • Why the U.S. is struggling with a CBD surplus
  • How CBD could help the police
  • How hemp can be used as an alternative source of protein
  • The results of the Hemp For Victory campaign
  • How the hemp industry is giving back during COVID
  • Why Kyla Dumont is leaving California for Vermont
  • How to infuse cannabinoids into maple syrup
  • Why use CBG over CBD

“The campaign is really about soliciting donations of hemp based products. Goal is continue to maintain this alignment with our industry leaders and our veterans to collectively share a message that this resource attempt is here.” – Courtney Moran

Links Mentioned:

Twitter | Instagram | Friends of Hemp

  • Connect with Annie Rouse:

Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn

  • Connect with Kyla DuMont:

MediMaple Instagram | Instagram

“During the early nineteen forties the government actually went out to these different farms and started acquiring seats for hemp and then put it into a warehouse in Winchester, Kentucky, where they were heavily guarded by a armed military men because it was seen as that much of a an important resource, a resource for the future of of America.” – Annie Rouse

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