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Healthy Oilseeds Hemp Products are Regenerative Organic Certified®

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Healthy Oilseeds Hemp Products are Regenerative Organic Certified®

Carrington, North Dakota – Healthy Oilseeds proudly announces an achievement as their hemp products receive the Regenerative Organic Certified®, marking a significant stride in their commitment to sustainability.

This follows an earlier announcement in December, where Healthy Oilseeds announced its Regenerative Organic Certification for flax products. Now, with the inclusion of hemp products, the company further proves its dedication to fostering healthy soil and ensuring fairness for farmers and workers along the supply chain.

The company’s hemp and flax products stand out as a testament to its dedication to sustainability. From farm to table, Healthy Oilseeds takes pride in offering products that not only nourish the body but also contribute to building a more sustainable and regenerative future.

“We are excited to achieve regenerative certification for hemp and flax and collaborate with farmers dedicated to enhancing soil health,” said Roger Gussiaas, Owner and President of Healthy Oilseeds. “These farmers are key in improving the world’s climate change by building organic matter and taking carbon out of the world’s atmosphere.”

Why opt for Regenerative Organic? Industrial methods have taken a toll on our soil and climate, depleting topsoils. Regenerative practices rehabilitate soil health, prioritize animal welfare, and improve the lives of farmers. Choosing regenerative means actively nurturing our planet—capturing carbon, enhancing water quality, fostering resilient ecosystems, and more. 

About Healthy Oilseeds:

Healthy Oilseeds, a family business spanning four generations, takes pride in showcasing America’s growers and crops through the processing and sale of a diverse range of products, including conventional, organic, and now regenerative flax and hemp products as well as conventional and organic borage products. 

Contact & Information:

Roger Gussiaas

Owner and President


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