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Exploring Hemp with Cait Curley Educational Video Series Debuts on YouTube


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Exploring Hemp with Cait Curley Educational Video Series Debuts on YouTube

By Steven Hoffman

When filmmaker Susie Cody met social media influencer and hemp advocate Cait Curley, the two New York natives knew they had to find a way to collaborate.

Sharing a passion for storytelling through film, video and social media, natural health, and hemp and cannabis, Susie and Cait have created a new video series available on YouTube with a mission to further the education and advocacy of hemp and “provide information that people from all ages and walks of life can tune into,” says Cait.

The seven-part series, Exploring Hemp with Cait Curley, focuses on different aspects of industrial hemp “and its amazing abilities,” host of the series Cait Curley says. “Our videos are short and to the point, and viewers will gain a bang of knowledge from each episode. Hemp is an important plant, and you don’t need to be interested in joining the industry or even working with the plant to be curious about its many beneficial properties,” she adds.

Each episode provides basic, easy-to-understand information about industrial hemp from seed to plant breakdown, harvesting, processing, finished products and phytoremediation.

Episodes of Exploring Hemp with Cait Curley are being released each Monday, and are available to watch anytime on YouTube. To date, five episodes have been released:

Episode #1 – Decortication and Biochar 101, with Steve Halton, CNY Hemp Processing
Episode #2 – Introduction to Hempcrete, with Cameron McIntosh, Americhanvre
Episode #3 – Stalk Breakdown and Retting for Beginners, with Steve Halton, CNY Processing
Episode #4 – Building with Hemp, with Cameron McIntosh, Americhanvre
Episode #5 – Hemp Solutions and the Environment, with Josh Allyn, Tap Root Fields
Episode #6 – Supporting Hemp Building Codes and Certifications (upcoming)
Episode #7 – Hemp Cultivars and Byproducts (upcoming)

“The inspiration for the series was to get on a level with people that was relatable and intriguing, to provide vital and foundational education, and to get people pumped about the future of hemp. We’re excited that people around the globe are learning more about hemp, and more specifically, the industrial side and all that it can do,” Cait shares.

Exploring Hemp with Cait Curley is hosted and co-produced by Cait Curley Media, and directed and co-produced by SJCody Productions.

Watch the trailer here.

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Steven Hoffman is Managing Director of Compass Natural, providing brand marketing, PR, social media, and strategic business development services to natural, organic, sustainable and hemp/CBD products businesses. Compass Natural serves in PR and programming for NoCo Hemp Expo and  Southern Hemp Expo, and Hoffman serves as Editor of the weekly Let’s Talk Hemp Newsletter, published by We are for Better Alternatives. Contact

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