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32 COVID 19 – HEMP 20 #onelouder

COVID19 Special

Hemp Podcast

32 COVID 19 – HEMP 20 #onelouder

Welcome to another special episode of Let’s Talk Hemp where we talk about the current crazy state of the world with the threat of the COVID-19 virus looming over all of us and how this is affecting the hemp markets globally.

We speak with the wonderful Ola Lessard, the Vice President of Marketing & Communications at Barlean’s, an award-winning supplements provider based in Washington. Ola is also the President of the US Hemp Roundtable 2020. We talk with her about when and why Barlean’s started making CBD oil and why she joined the Hemp Roundtable this year.

We also speak with Hannah Deacon, who is the Executive Director at the Medical Cannabis Clinician Society in the United Kingdom, where she also serves as the Society’s coordinator and Patient Advocate. Hannah’s eight-year-old son Alfie is the first person in the UK with an NHS prescription for cannabis.

Listen in to today’s episode, and hear about what is on the US Hemp Roundtable agenda this year, why family-owned companies are branching out into CBD products, what doctors in the UK are being taught regarding medical cannabis, plus much more!

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“We’re saying to the FDA, as an industry, please regulate us — fairly and appropriately.” – Ola Lessard

Show Notes:

  • When and why Barlean’s started making CBD oil
  • Why Barlean’s joined the US Hemp Roundtable
  • What is on the US Hemp Roundtable agenda
  • When and why Hannah set up Archie’s Hope
  • How the organisation End Our Pain helps lobby for NHS CBD prescriptions
  • How CBD helps reduce the duration of a hospital stay for certain kids with epilepsy
  • How the lives of caretakers for children with special needs are negatively affected
  • Why Hannah Deacon moved her family back from the Netherlands to the UK
  • The lack of physician education regarding medical cannabis
  • Why Hannah founded the Medical Cannabis Clinician Society

“There is an industry because of decades of work done by people like you.” – Ola Lessard

Links Mentioned:

“We were up against the medical establishment who didn’t know what to do for my son.” – Hannah Deacon

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