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30 Days ‘til Showtime

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30 Days ‘til Showtime

by Morris Beegle
Hello my fellow Hempsters, advocates, friends and peers. I am writing this right after our 18-person Team NoCo meeting from Expo Headquarters in Loveland. We are fervently working in all areas to present a hemp-centric experience like nothing you’ve seen before. For those of you who were with us last year, that was a small taste of what NoCo3 and the 2016 Expo and Conference will be like this go around.

As of today, March 2nd, #NoCoHempExpo is 30 Days ‘til show time, and we have assembled nearly double the sponsor, exhibitor and donor participants from 2015. This reflects the hard work and growth of the young hemp industry:  All of our dreams about the future economy and society have a real chance of coming true. Attendees will learn about hemp’s possibilities new and old, from farming to tomorrow’s energy.

In addition to the fantastic companies who have jumped on board to make this a one of a kind showcase of industrial and nutritional hemp products and services, NoCo3 features an astonishing lineup of speakers, panelists, and educators gearing up for an exciting two days of insight, conversation, and engaging learning opportunities. We will be introducing the LET’S TALK HEMP Stage and HempTomorrow Stage, along with our Hemp Biz Journal Panel Room where we are launching the first-ever Hemp Summit. Yes, this is the first investment summit solely focused on industrial hemp. Moving forward, our goal is to continue to provide these amazing opportunities year round to companies deserving of funding and capital.

2016 is the year to step it up a notch, collaborate, unify, and put an end to the outdated, unfounded, regressive stereotypes that surround industrial hemp. The time is now to join forces and make a stand.

Today we are pleased to announce our 100+ exhibitors along with a partial list of our speakers and presenters. As we finalize the panels and specific topics over the next two weeks, we will reveal the full programming schedule which consists of global experts and thought leaders who will discussing everything from farming, equipment, processing, seeds, breeding, genetics, science, innovation, legislation, insurance, banking, infrastructure, economies of scale, product development, delivery channels, the future of hemp, and so much more.

I am extremely grateful for the talented and dedicated team that has come together for this year’s expo. Lizzy Knight, Hunter Buffington, Chris Wogan, Preston Whitfield, Dave Smith, Lori Buderus, Kristen Kunau, Rachel Jackson, Abbie Marks, Ben Wright, Doug Fine, Tim Gordon, Sean Murphy, Zev Paiss, David Maddalena, Summer Star-Haeske, Debby West, Kevin Buecher, Brad Shannon, Jena McGarrahan, Tony Buderus, Alexa Vasquez, Thomas Ivory Jr., Kirstin Bohnert, Alyssa Erickson, Elliott Shope and the dozens of volunteers coming on board this month. Thank You!

Stay tuned for more from Team NoCo over the coming 30 days! Countdown is on!!!

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