Let's Talk Hemp is a project of Colorado Hemp Company focused specifically on the subject of industrial cannabis.  Let's Talk Hemp gathers leaders in the cannabis industry from across the globe, to discuss the benefits of cannabis on health, energy, manufacturing and planet (H.E.M.P.).

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The 422 project combines industrial cannabis with environment and earth centric messaging, being as they are already a natural fit, pun intended.  Co-hosts Morris Beegle and Rick Trojan bring entertainment, perspective and an undeniable quest for accurate telling of our history.

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Let's Talk Hemp & The 422 - Season 1, Episode 6

Episode 6 of #LetsTalkHemp and #The422 has us discussing GW Pharma and new legislation being proposed in Colorado and possible scenarios of how the cannabinoid markets will develop for natural products/nutraceuticals, pharmaceutical/medical, and recreational cannabis.  This weeks guests include lobbyist and political consultant Cindy Sovine from Sovine Consulting, and Tim Gordon, president of the Colorado Hemp Industries Association and CEO of Functional Remedies and CBDRx.  We'll also be discussing Operation CBD Gummy Bear(AKA Operation Candy Crush) in Tennessee along with America's obsession with ingesting Tide Pods.

Let's Talk Hemp & The 422 - Season 1, Episode 5

Episode  invites Hunter Buffington, executive director of COHIA, the Colorado Hemp Industries Association, to discuss current legislative initiatives taking place that address the waste and recycling issues that currently plague Colorado's cannabis industry.  There are legislation solutions to take this waste product and turn it into environmentally and economically benefitial products rather than dumping it into landfills, which is what is currently taking place.  We also discuss the first Let's Talk Hemp Film Series that kicks of NoCo Hemp Expo 2018 on April 5th and what's following later in the month for the mighty 422 Earth Day in Balboa Park, San Diego, with the Hemp Road Trip and General Hemp, plus Kaya Fest in San Bernadino at the end of April.  party here at The 422.

Let's Talk Hemp & The 422 - Season 1, Episode 4

Episode 4 invites Tom Darmody, executive director of the Industrial Hemp Research Foundation, to discuss how cannabis research is being done domestically along with their upcoming Organic Hemp Innovation event taking place on February 24th in Denver.  We hear from Rick on the Hemp Industries Association strategic planning weekend and Vote Hemp's States initiatives in Iowa, collaborating with Hemp Road Trip. Morris tells us about his trip to tropical Mexico, and how hemp is being used by @heavensgrow in construction.  Last but not least, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch join the party here at The 422.


Let's Talk Hemp & The 422 - Season 1, Episode 3

This week we delve into the recent autoposy from Tom Petty and the fact that opioids are killing nearly 100 Americans A DAY!  Cannabis, meanwhile, has NEVER recorded an overdose!  However, the drugs Tom Petty, Prince, Michael Jackson and others have taken are PRESCRIBED AND 100% LEGAL.  A prescription for death vs an opportunity at life… with cannabis.  

We also cover the latest news, update on the crop report from Vote Hemp showing over 25,000 acres of hemp cultivated in USA in 2017, upcoming travel to Iowa and Mexico for hemp advocacy and education, the IndoExpo Trade Show this weekend in Denver, and meaningless banter and nonsense to fill in the gaps.

Let's Talk Hemp & The 422 - Season 1, Episode 2

This weeks episode welcomes Brad Beegle from Functional Remedies and Scott Leshman from Cannabinoid Creations who both share their experiences regarding the recent A4M Anti-Aging Conference in Las Vegas. We also discuss a new Marijuana/Hemp tracking agent bill recently introduced in Colorado along with hemp certified seed, and the Central US Hemp Growers conference and expo - https://centralushemp.com/ happening in Madison Wisconsin on Feb 26-27.

Let's Talk Hemp & The 422 - Season 1, Episode 1

We've got a great program setup to speak about current events, bring in leaders and politicians, promote what's happening with domestic hemp companies and continue to set the record straight on this plant and its potential for ourselves and our country.  We've got some new characters setup and intend to expand our message through our growing coalition of companies, associations, networks and strategic partners.  

One of the main focal points of this first episode is CBD and cannabinoid supplement industry.  We will be covering the challenges from 2017 that we've overcome, the obstacles facing us in 2018, and thoughts on the Industrial Hemp Farming Act (HR3530) of 2017.   Our guests include leaders from Nature's Root, CV Sciences, Functional Remedies amd Bluebird Botanicals.  Come listen in, or call in with questions during our broadcast!


Pioneering The Reintroduction of Hemp Paper Into American Business

Hempresent Vivian is joined by Morris Beegle of Colorado Hemp Company and Tree Free Hemp. Morris is pioneering the reintroduction of hemp paper into American business. His passion for delivering professional printing on 100% sustainable, tree-free, hemp-blended paper is infectious. Beegle is motivated by more than just the myriad environmental benefits of hemp-blended paper.

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We’ve got you covered with the NoCo Hemp Expo and the #LetsTalkHemp Speaker Series hitting the road. Our team will be traveling to different areas of the country to spread the message of cannabis-hemp through information, education, advocacy, and activism.


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